Rakefish Australia

The Take 3 crew presented the Rakefish sculpture to many schools throughout New South Wales, and featured the sculpture in a variety of environmental events and programs in 2014. Below are some articles and documents from Australia:


About our collaboration with take3.org:

The following is a request to a school district to allow the Rakefish sculpture to visit a school library. It reveals so much about the versatility of our work, and the tireless efforts of Take 3:

β€œThe Rakefish Project: It started in Guilford Elementary school, Connecticut, on the East coast of the USA and will be finishing in Australia in approx. 4 weeks before heading to Japan. My request is for The Rakefish sculpture to take up residence in your school library, for a 1-3 week period, allowing staff and students to open up dialogue into the complex global problem human made pollution and the impact that it is having on our marine environment. A sculpture made from marine debris by students has travelled to 7 States in the USA including Hawaii and Washington DC, (it has even been photographed with US senators) it has been to the Dominican Republic and has been in Australia since February. I have taken The Rakefish to numerous schools here on the East Coast of Australia, including schools with large indigenous populations and to several Northern Beaches schools. (Narrabeen North, Barrenjoey High, Newport Public, Elanora Heights and three SRC INSITU workshops involving 15 schools with the Peninsula Community of Schools. (Sharon Smithies) Recently I ran an indigenous art workshop at The Entrance Public with Russ Molony (Take 3's Indigenous surfer and artist) as part of the marine debris program I had been working on and he will add his touch before it leaves Australian shores.”

Mandy Marechal, Take3, NSW, Australia


Our friends at Take 3 do an amazing job at getting the plastic pollution message out to students & communities throughout New South Wales. We were honored to work with Take 3 for most of 2014, and are very grateful for all their hard work connecting students on both sides of the globe to this important, real-world issue.