Since 2011, we have led the effort to advocate against plastic pollution in classrooms all over the world. Our curriculum integrates multiple disciplines through the medium of art.


Our Mission

The mission of Sea of No Plastic is to educate people about the global problem of marine debris caused by the wide use of single-use plastics, by creating and sharing research-through-art learning experiences for students worldwide.

Environmental stewardship is something that must continue in future generations, and I am very happy to see the students of Sea of No Plastic working toward that goal on a global level.
— Ted Kennedy Jr., CT State Senator

What We've Achieved

  • We've created a global student network of environmental stewards, inspiring change through the unifying medium of art. 
  • Our art sculptures and programs have made their way into classrooms in the Dominican Republic, Japan, Australia, and all across the United States, from D.C. to Hawaii.
  • We've facilitated science-based classroom and extracurricular experiences for over 3000 students (and counting) across the world.
  • We've raised an entire chapter in East Japan dedicated to educating Japanese youth about their responsibilities to reduce marine litter.